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Why Plastering Quotes can Change

When undertaking work in your home that involves the use of tradespeople, it is always advisable to get a formal quote for the job. This quote should preferably give you a breakdown of components such as, labour charges, materials, and a total price, including VAT where applicable.

A ‘quote’ is different to an ‘estimate’. An estimate is simply a rough price guide for the job, which may fluctuate due to timescales, materials, and other factors that could be considered variable. Estimates are not an ideal choice for agreeing a price for a job as they can obviously change, a quote however, should remain the same, giving you peace of mind, precise budgeting facilities, and the ability to choose the right plasterer for your job based on multiple factors.

That said, there are some instances when the price given in a plastering quote might change. Your plasterer should always agree any price differences with you either before the job starts, or as the job progresses, so that you don’t have any costly surprises, and they should make it clear why the plastering quote has changed. If you are unsure about how plasterers formulate their quotes it is worth reading our previous blog about plasterer’s quotes here.

There are numerous reasons why an initial quote given by your plastering team might change, and to help you understand these we have listed the main ones below:

* Extra Plastering Work/Preparation

This may seem like an obvious point to make, but if you ask your plasterer to complete more work than under the terms of the original quote, the chances are, they will have to charge you extra for these.

For example, if you have agreed to a quote for repairing part of a ceiling damaged by a water leak, and told the plasterer that the faulty part of the ceiling would be cut out ready to go before they start the job, however, they arrive to find this hasn't been completed, you are likely to have to pay for the removal of the ceiling, as that was additional to the agreed quote content.

You can often overcome any issues such as these through thorough preparation, and planning. If you find that, despite your best laid plans, a problem has arisen, it is worth contacting the plastering company to discuss this as soon as possible, and ask for a re-assessment of your original quote.

Most plasterers arrive at jobs well-prepared for such eventualities, so can still complete the job as required. This type of problem is more common than you might think, and professional plasterers often allow a small window of time flexibility for any unexpected issues, and frequently stick to their original quote, if the extra work required is minimal, as this shows good customer relations.

* Un-viewed Plastering Quotes

As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to obtain a quote for work which has been viewed in person by the plasterer. There are times when this is not possible, so in this case you should take photos of the work to send via email or an online messaging system, communicate exactly what the job involves, and also discuss the existing building and condition.

For instance, if you require part of a room in a listed building to be plastered, you should discuss the likelihood of any specialist materials needed, any damp patches or defective sub-structures, and so on, as this will give a more complete picture for the plasterer to be able to form a realistic quote.

* Working with Other Tradespeople/Project Managers

There are times when no matter how well we plan something, things still go pear shaped! When you are working on a project that uses multiple different tradespeople, project managers, and a tight schedule, there are bound to be times when things don’t quite go according to plan.

When these delays impact on another tradesperson’s ability to get their job done when originally stated, there might also need to be a change in price. This could happen if the plastering team have been delayed by the builders, for instance, and need to work weekends, or evenings, in order to ensure your project is completed in time.

Your plasterer should always discuss any changes with you in advance, and agree the new terms before starting the job.

Plastering quotes do need to be adjusted on occasion, but your plasterer should always consult you before commencing the job, or as soon as possible after this.

At V M Plastering we believe that a quality plastering service involves a fair quote, superb workmanship, well-mannered plasterers, and happy customers. If you require any plastering work completed in your home please contact us for a no obligation quote and approachable, professional advice.

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