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What to Expect When Hiring a Plasterer

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Great expectations don’t always lead to huge disappointments, however, being realistic about what to expect from your plasterer will help avoid any frustration, and confusion.

There are certain guidelines that most professional tradespeople will aim to work by, for example, being on time, ensuring a limit to disruption during works, and so on, but to give a better idea of what you can realistically expect when you hire a plasterer our guide below offers recommendations, from when you make initial contact with a plasterer, until the job is started. We will cover preparing for your plasterer in a future blog.

1. Good Manners

It should go without saying that good manners, a polite disposition, and a respectful personality should be guaranteed when a tradesperson is in your home.

If you don’t feel comfortable around the plasterer when you meet initially, or when talking on the phone, then the likelihood that you will be comfortable with them in your home for an extended period is slim.

Remember this person, or people, will be in your home, so you should ensure you feel confident in them.

2. Contact within 24 Hours

When you first approach a plasterer it is usually to request a quote. This might be done via a ‘contact us’ form on a website, through email, or over the phone.

You should generally expect to hear back from this initial contact within 24 hours. Most tradespeople operate on this basis, whichever route has been taken to request information. Obviously, there might be a short extension to this, for instance, if the tradesperson is on holiday, however, generally it shows a good aptitude to business management if the first contact is within the specified 24 hours.

3. Home Visit within 1 Week

Once you have heard back from your plasterer they should arrange to visit you to organise quoting for your job.

This is usually done within one week of first contact, however, in some instances your plasterer may be extremely busy, and therefore, should give you an explanation as to when you can realistically expect the visit.

Also, during the summer months you might find this time can be extended as this is generally when plastering companies are at their busiest.

You should always expect a specific time and date for this appointment, and your plasterer should be on time.

At this point, it helps if you are clear on what work you require of the plastering team, and when you would like the work completed.

4. Quote within 48 Hours

Once your plasterer has visited your home and assessed the job you require, they should contact you within 48 hours with an estimate, or quote for the work.

Preferably this should be a typed document (email, or letter) that lists work to be undertaken, costs of materials, and so on, so that you can form a clear comparison with other quotes received.

In some instances, this quote might be delivered in a verbal manner, but the content of it should remain the same as with a written quotation.

If you have any queries regarding the quote the plastering firm should be happy to explain their pricing, and any elements that are unfamiliar.

If you are happy with the quote, you should then schedule time for the work to be undertaken.

5. Good Timekeeping

Good timekeeping is essential for most tradespeople, and we are all aware of how frustrating it is to be kept waiting.

If the plasterer you contact doesn’t return your calls promptly, arrives late to quote (without advance notice), and generally keeps you waiting, you might want to consider using an alternative company.

6. Plastering Prices

Prices for your job will vary from company to company (for an explanation of pricing structures you can check out our previous blog here), but there are times when plasterers are generally less busy, so if you are looking for the most competitive quote you should consider having work completed through the winter months.

Summer is usually much busier as external work, such as rendering, is undertaken during this time, as well as the general internal plastering. Check with your plastering team about when you can realistically expect work to be completed if it is during the busy season.

It is also worth sharing your expectations with your plasterer when you first meet them, especially if you have any specific requests, or issues, as this can avoid any unnecessary awkwardness, or disappointment at later stages.

At VM Plastering we want our customers to be happy, and satisfied, with not only our work, but also our business principles, which shows in our positive reviews online, and on the checkatrade website, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any way we can be of assistance to you.

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