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All in a plasterer's day's work…

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Friends, family, and customers sometimes ask what a typical day as a plasterer involves, so I thought I'd share a day with you.

The alarm went off at 6am this morning. Bleary-eyed, I extracted myself from between my wife, and our two year old daughter, and slapped my phone to cease the beeping so as not to wake anyone else.

After my breakfast of champions (three cups of tea) I was off in the van to collect Chris, my partner.

We arrived at the job at 8am, introduced ourselves to the customer, unloaded the van and took a look at the job which had been an unseen phone quote. It wasn't quite as expected.

The customer had requested a simple skim on their bedroom walls, which they assured us would be free of wallpaper and ready to go. Upon inspection the customer explained they hadn't had time to strip the walls and asked if we could do it. No problem, just adds a little time (and, of course, money) to the original quote.

Fortunately, we always go prepared and had the wallpaper stripper out of the van in a flash. Getting started, we soon realised that the original plaster was defective - it was loose and patchy in places, and had crumbled to dust in numerous places on one wall behind the wallpaper.

We approached the customer, explained what was happening on the wall we were working on, and they informed us that there had been a leak there many years ago. We agreed with them that it was best to strip that one wall completely so that a good, sound finished could be achieved.

Back to work again, we stripped the offending wall back to bare brick, cleaned it, applied the PVA seal, tidied up the mess on the dust sheets, and then had a well-earned cuppa and sandwich. Next, we mixed up the base coat - a sand and cement mixture - which we applied. While this was drying, we worked on applying a 3mm skim to the other walls using Thistle Multi-Finish.

Another clean up after this process, it's definitely easier to tidy as you work, then we applied the finishing skim to the problem wall.

Our customer had gone out mid-morning leaving us to get on with it without being in anyone's way, but when they arrived back at 5pm they were astonished at the difference.

The walls were plastered to our usual high standard; smooth, level skimming, precise corners, clean lines around window and door frames, with spotless skirting. We were pretty chuffed with the result, and so was the customer.

The final touches for the day included loading the van with waste to be removed, tidying the dustsheets from the bedroom, hallway and entrance, sweeping and vacuuming (to ensure there was no mess left on the floor), and then another cuppa to see us on our way home.

All in all it was a pretty standard day - a few surprises, but nothing we couldn't cope with, and a happy customer. What more could you want from a day at work?

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